Flexiramp - An invention by API CZ.
What is the FlexiRamp? The FlexiRamp allows easy entry of a wheelchair into a car. The unique low floor system gives a whole new direction for comfortable and convenient passenger transport in a wheelchair. A new standard in the transport of disabled people. After many years of production we have achieved thousands of satisfied clients all around the world.

Reasons for purchasing a car with an API FlexiRampTM

  • Simple ramp handling
  • Significantly facilitate the transport of disabled persons
  • A fully usable luggage compartment
  • Variable seating capacity
  • Worldwide homologation
  • Authorization for writing equipment into a technical license
  • Own research and development
  • Technical quality guarantee
  • Safety - All Flexiramps are tested in the state testing laboratory TÜV SÜD

FlexiRamp is a synonym for the easy and comfortable transport of a wheelchair user

  • The whole length of the vehicle is lower and is equipped with a painted aluminium folding ramp
  • The floor and the ramp surface is antiskid and washable
  • The retractable wheelchair restraint system ensures safety and security when a wheelchair is entering a vehicle and during a transport
  • The wheelchair accessible vehicle has variable seating capacity using the original seats
  • The FlexiRamp can easily be folded down so the whole area of the luggage compartment can be used.
  • FlexiCurve floor allows a wheelchair user to find the most comfortable seating position and enjoy a pleasant driving experience
  • Optional equipment: winch assist, headrest, tip-up seats